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Welcome to my photography website. Here you will find a snapshot of my travel adventures - Hope you enjoy!

Lofoten Islands (Day 2 - Kvalvika Beach & Ryten)

Lofoten Islands (Day 2 - Kvalvika Beach & Ryten)

As everyone back home starts to hit the beach this spring, I opted for a version of my own in Norway. Perhaps a little too chilly to go for a dip but the turquoise waters were still very tempting... 

Clouds had set upon the mountain of our first planned hike so given we were unsure on whether we would be able to see anything once we reached the top, we decided to go for Plan B of Kvalvika Beach. 

We continued the drive down the coast passing through some glorious islands until we reached a tiny parking lot near Fredvang. It was a relatively easy hike over a low mountain pass to reach the beach and then we followed the small creek up to Ryten to be rewarded with stunning view at 543m high. Along the way, we picked wild lingonberries and blueberries, oh so small but oh so delicious.  

Of course, I had to get a photo at the super popular pointy ledge at the top of Ryten which is actually alot safer than it looks (unlikely Kjeragbolten in the south of Norway which literally set my heart pounding)! 

Although the clouds would not leave the mountain tops for the majority of the day, it did help to create some nice dramatic shots with the sun peeking through that arvo! 

Lofoten Islands (Day 3 - Reinebringen & Haukland Beach)

Lofoten Islands (Day 3 - Reinebringen & Haukland Beach)

Lofoten Islands (Day 1 - Svolvær)

Lofoten Islands (Day 1 - Svolvær)